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A Travel Agency in Vancouver, BC   Offering Easy International, Corporate, Group & Leisure Travel

Small Cruise Ship for International Travel
With Da Vinci International Travel, Inc., cruises are designed based on your preferences. You'll be able to choose between breathtaking Mediterranean
and Caribbean cruises
, as well as many others.
We know the different cruise lines well, and are familiar with the services each offer on board.

Venice Trip for International Travel
This is the way to truly appreciate European tours. Not only will Da Vinci International Travel, Inc. find hotels rated anywhere from three to five stars, but we know how to help you find the secrets and hidden gems at any European destination, especially if it's in Italy.

Hawaii Resort Hosted By Travel Agency
Let us help you get where you want to go without troubling yourself with the logistics. Our staff creates ideal vacation packages, giving you a single, inclusive price that covers many expenses.
The items covered depend on each package, but many include hotels, and even meals.

Outstanding Performance: Trafalgar 2014; Outstanding Performance: Lufthansa 1995;
Outstanding Performance: Royal Caribbean 2005; 
"Best of the City" East Vancouver Travel Agency

Manulife Travel Insurance: 

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Da Vinci International Travel, Inc. in Vancouver, British Columbia, is the perfect travel agency for personal and corporate trips. We specialize in European travel. We specialize in Italian destinations and offer informative tours, leisure vacations, property and car rentals, and even traveler's insurance.
With more than 40 years of experience, our staff understands the trust that clients put in us, and strives to remove as much stress from travel as
possible. While we are known as Italy experts, our employees have visited museums and beaches from the Mediterranean to Portugal's coast.

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